Knitting with cats.

Have you ever tried knitting with cats around? It can be, shall I say, a struggle. And that’s being kind. I don’t know about your cats but mine like to tug at my yarn, play with my hanks, bat around my stitch markers, and chew on my needles.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to knit with my arms around a cat who is sleeping on my chest. How many times I’ve found the project I’ve been working on on one end of my apartment and the ball of yarn that I was working from on the other. How many times I’ve just had to put down a project completely because the cats just won’t leave me (and it) alone.

I have to keep all of my yarn and accessories and projects in progress locked in a hall closet to keep both them safely hidden and the cats safe from eating the yarn when I’m not there. Still, every time I open that closet door, they make a b-line to my basket of yarn and dive right in.

That is what it’s like to be a knitter with cats.

Cats Before Hats is for those of us knitters who have to do their knitting with cats crawling all over them. It’s for those of us knitters who have had to explain on more than one occasion that yarn is not a toy. It’s for those of us knitters who are crazy enough to knit hats for our cats even though we know they probably won’t wear them (and probably will completely destroy them). It’s for those of us knitters who sometimes might want to knit a cat hat for themselves (or a cat scarf or cat mittens or really just all the cat things ever). It’s for those of us knitters who also love cats.

Knitting with cats: Cat playing with yarn.

Knitting with cats: Cat eating knitting needle.

Pictured knitting supplies:

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Yarn: KnitPicks Mighty Stitch Yarn in Marina and Mint
Needles: Caspian 10-inch Straight Needles, US 7 (4.50 mm)

Knitting with Cats